Anti-Netanyahu party heads meet to form new Israeli coalition

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So from what i understand, the new possible PM is even more right-wing than Bibi and this whole coalition is only standing together to ouster him. When this thing crumbles and theres the 150th election in like 5years, is there anything preventing Bibi from coming back?


It’s not very often you get a leader so hated that an entire party exists just in opposition to them specifically.


Now let’s see how the voters judge his past actions. While I’d hope a more moderate candidate would win the PM title, I fear the voters approve his actions.


The true crime is Israeli’s of my generation being stuck with non-stop right-wing corrupt politicians. I have always seen BiBi as an aspiring Dictator ,and in my lifetime he has done more to damage their safety and image internationally than probably anyone else. So I was stoked at the news he may finally lose power and be held accountable for the never-ending list of crimes … but the guy set to replace him really seems like he is more extreme than Bibi.


Will be about as stable as francium-223