Arizona is planning to execute prisoners with the same deadly gas used by the Nazis at Auschwitz, documents show

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Who makes Zyklon B and why (beyond a few doses for Arizona)? Edit: oh, the prison itself will make it with ingredients.


I like how the cookie-pop-up has the option “I am okay with that”


Why? I mean, really, why? And this isn’t a painless method. It is going to be absolutely horrific to whoever watched it. And every deathrow inmate in the state is now going to appea, thus costing even more money than if we just didn’t kill them in the first place.


ok honest question here. couldn’t they just put them to sleep with a tranquilizer or anesthesia and then shoot them in the head during sleep? Wouldn’t that work better than injecting chemicals and gases and electrocuting someone to various degrees of results?


People who act like the method if execution is the problem are missing the point. The inhumane part is that we are doing it at all.