B.C.’s minimum wage increases to $15.20 per hour | CBC News

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It doesn’t matter what the minimum wage is. The real question is whether it is able to keep up with living expenses. Someone in a developing country and making $5 an hour is doing decently. Someone in NYC/SF making $15 an hour is living in poverty.


Currently, that is USD: $12.62 EUR: €10.31 GBP: £8.91 AUD: $16.27 DOGE: 40.13


So about 10 or 11 dollars in US money. Then again, when I was in Montreal about 2 years ago everything was roughly the same price as in the United States, but in Canadian dollars. In other words, a pint was still 6 dollars, but 6 Canadian dollars with withdrew only about 4 US dollars from my banking account.


I couldn’t afford a home in BC with my 6 figure US salary. Salaries (for what I do) in Vancouver were 1/2 of what I could get in Seattle. I was able to GTFO since I’m dual, but I feel bad for Canadians.


This really isn’t a lot. I lived in Vancouver, BC, made $16 an hour 40 hrs a week and I had to steal food from work so I could pay rent. I was a restaurant manager too, but I was barely making it!