Berkshire Hathaway company disrupts construction with modular design. “We’re trying to create the NASCAR pit crew for construction.” | FastCompany

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Awesome. Now we can use this to make affordable housing for everyone renting right now. The boomer generation would go bankrupt as they rely on our rent money to stay retired.


Great for the suburban and rural parts of America. If it scales up to large buildings, then great for urban parts too.


One of the new hotels in the city I’m currently in was partially built using a modular approach. A local construction company built the building “frame”, lobby, and other non-modular components. The hotel rooms were then shipped in fully-furnished and slotted into the frame.


Oh great, more ugly prefab buildings. Didn’t we learn anything in the 1950s?


Oh boy! Now construction workers get to work just as hard, suffer just as much risk of injury, AND not get paid anything livable because our productivity becomes so fast that we make no hours… How about instead, a company that recognizes that construction workers deserve to be able to afford the homes they build, huh?