Beto O’Rourke And Texas Democrats Are Demanding An Investigation Into The True Death Count Of The Winter Storm- No Republicans returned requests for comment.

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Was just in the Dallas airport a couple days ago they had adds up for generators like “Texans ya better buy this instead of relying on your government” was really bizarre


I hope this happens. That was hell to live through. They need to investigate and also do something about the energy grid to prevent more loss of life. Now we’re all preparing for the annual summer rolling black outs. At least during the summer we won’t also have to deal with pipes freezing/bursting.


Lived in Ca and Az most of my life (50+), and have had FAR mor outages here in Tx in the last 3 years than I experienced in the last 5 decades combined elsewhere, internet as well. I live in a new upper middle class suburb and can confirm this is a horrible place to live when you’re used to a far better experience in the west.


Fuck republicans. Murderers should rot in prison. Not push racist voter suppression laws. Greg Abbott is a gigantic sack of shit.


Fuck Greg Abbott