Better to eat more, smaller meals throughout the day or eat fewer, bigger meals?

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Both have benefits as eating smaller meals means easier digestion and more chances for muscle protein synthesis (growing muscle) but eating fewer large meals gives your teeth, digestive track, and cells a chance to repair. I’d recommend trying both and see which works for you as some people can’t function eating one meal a day for fasting for 16 hours. The benefits from fasting are real though and should try to do an 18 hour or more fast every so often.


After reading about the benefits of intermittent fasting a couple of years ago I decided to give it a try. I now only eat one large meal each day and have no plans to going back to eating all day. There’s a lot of information online to read about it but I find it to be amazing. I have loads more energy all day, more time free only having to eat once, it’s super easy to control my weight and it’s easier to make sure I’m getting all the nutrients I need/plan my meals. At first I was worried about being hungry but after a week or two it became second nature. I’d strongly recommend looking it up and giving it a try.


Other’s gave interesting answers, but it’s worth noting the oral health too. The more you eat, the more are your teeth exposed to acids which cause decay and other problems. It depends a lot on WHAT you eat too, but it’s generally better to give your teeth some window for remineralization, rather than hindering it every two-three hours.


I think it’s dependent on how your body responds, what kind of lifestyle you have, and what’s feasible. I cannot do intermittent fasting. I get extremely shaky and lethargic going too long without any calories. Plus, big meals distend my stomach and make me extremely uncomfortable. Smaller meals throughout the day work better for my body and make it easier for me to hit my macros, personally. I also work a flexible job where I can do that and I’m extremely active. Though, I am trying to build a solid understanding and foundation of nutrition before worrying about smaller details to optimize (ie nutrient timing.)


Fewer meals for sure. You don’t want your body constantly digesting