Brain-Computer Interface Smashes Previous Record for Typing Speed – Imagining “writing-by-hand” is faster than imagining moving a cursor in new BCI system

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This would change creative writing forever. The kind of train of thought you can have in your head is completely different than the one you can type out by normal means. Imagine being able to push a transcribe button and get down the random inner thoughts you have at the most fleeting moments. That’s a whole other strata of creative thought that this technology gives the means of expression to.


Oof. Tempting as this may be, you could never convince me to use it. That’s a box you never get to close…


Converting thoughts efficiently into writing… now if we can reverse that, and communicate directly into someone’s head by converting speech/text/information into thought, we’ve basically got telepathy right?


This is assuming that everything you think is in language. If you think of an image, will it say [image of duck] or something? The future of writing isn’t getting better at alphanumeric transcription, more a fusion of image and text together like a map or a graphic novel. I’m interested in those AI experiments trying to create a fuzzy image from an image you think of in your brain.


like the god emperors journals if anyone has red GEoD