Can Healthy and Nutritious Food Be Available for Free? Atlanta Says Yes – A quarter of Atlanta’s residents struggle to access healthy food. The Urban Food Forest hopes to tackle this problem.

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I read about this a while ago. I’m curious how it turns out, long term. My cynical mind believes that it will continually be stripped bare, and eventually those who maintain the plants will lose interest and it will be abandoned. But, that’s just me being pessimistic. If it does work, it would be super cool to see this expanded and dozens of free farms start up on lands all around the city. Free food for everyone… Because farming doesn’t require any resources from anywhere.


Prediction: There will be people stealing the food in order to sell it. Change my mind.


In my city you can apply for a small urban gardening lot (well, it’s basically a rather large planter) to grow whatever they want, usually food. They are scattered everywhere in the city parks. You don’t have to be poor to apply – they assign them to anyone who applies, for free. You hang your name on a plackard on the side of the planter to signal that it’s in use. Some people also decorate them. Amazingly people seem to leave them alone. They don’t even seem to vandalize them. The planters are not big enough to yield large amounts of food but they do yield nice and healthy side ingredients, such as tomatoes, salads, herbs etc.


If we need to feed many people, the most efficient approach seems to be large scale farming – not this here.


I’m not American so can someone explain to me how a quarter of the residents in a city like Atlanta—ostensibly one of the major metropolises of North America—can’t access “healthy food”? Do the grocery stores and supermarkets just not stock vegetables or something?