Christian Billionaires Are Funding a Push to Kill the Equality Act

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Fuckin’ dickheads. Sure is nice knowing powerful billionaires care so much about who I’m having sex with.


“Christian Billionaires” has to be the king oxymoron.


Why don’t we do more to make them not billionaires?


Christian BILLIONAIRES?? Seems to me thats pretty unchristian! ​ I mean, thats more money than they and several generations of their descendants could ever need. Wouldnt the christian thing to do be to take all their excessive extra money and donate it to starving kids in Ethiopia or homeless folks in new york, or help build new water pipes in flint michigan (do the folks in flint get clean water yet? or are they still fucked?) ​ Like for real, billionaire seems like the most unchristian thing a person could be. Follow in jesus’ footsteps and help the poor ya fuckin cunts


christians fucking suck