Companies who change their logos to rainbow colors for pride month are full of crap if they leave their logo as is in Asian and Middle Eastern countries.

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It’s advertising. They appeal to the demographic.


I got news for you, they’re full of crap regardless. None of them are actually supporting any sort of movement. If they smell the tide turning they’ll throw your cause under the bus at the first chance they get if it means another dollar more in profit. They use stuff like rainbows cause their market research has shown them the sentiment is already extremely strongly in favor of LGBT rights. They aren’t taking a stand or taking a risk. They’re just trying to profit off the prevailing public sentiment.


It would appear that you don’t fully understand the point of branding and advertising. All of it is a ploy, companies don’t care about you or anyone else, but they want you to think so because they’re designed to make money. They do it in the regions they do it because it improves image and therefore sales. Serving the correct content to the correct demographic is an entire industry in and of itself. This is the same as being upset that they don’t show mesothelioma commercials during children’s cartoons. It doesn’t make money, so why would they do it? Targeted ads for targeted demographics, nothing more.


On Eid many companies change their branding to include moon and stars, usually in muslim countries. They don’t do this in the west.


Serious question, because I honestly don’t know and maybe someone in the know can tell me. Is Pride month a thing outside the US? Is it recognized in other countries? Could that be a contributing factor in the difference in advertising?