Cyber attack on world’s largest meat company is disrupting production around the world. The attack comes just weeks after hackers shut down operation of the Colonial Pipeline, the largest U.S. fuel pipeline

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Kind of feel like this is testing the waters for a bigger attack. Edit: Just want to thank everyone for the upvotes on my simple opinionated comment. We rip each other apart on here sometimes and I’m no saint on that matter, but a good discussion is always a good thing.


After the oil company paid out the hackers. Everyone saw this coming.


If they’re gonna do cyber attacks, how about wiping out people’s mortgages and student loans?


We might not have any meaningful cyber security protecting vital infrastructure but at least we got billions to blow up farmers in Afghanistan.


Let me guess, their IT budget is dismal, cut corners… what will it take for these orgs to shape up? Lol government coercion or catastrophic cyber attacks?