For the first time since covid began, there have been 0 daily deaths due to coronavirus in the UK.

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I did not expect to feel so relieved


Excellent news. One bright side to the UK being relatively open during this time is that it shows vaccines without a doubt work!


congrats UK!


Brilliant news! 🙂 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 Well done to everyone who got vaccinated, wore masks, washed their hands regularly and socially distanced where appropriate!


We have the super-infectious Indian variant. It’s 40% more infectious than the Kent variant that was 40% more infectious than the original variant. It’s been a nightmare and the NHS is on its knees. The main difference now is vaccination. Neither variant is killing people who have had 2 doses. Most people in hospital are under 45 (so don’t think you can’t get ill from covid if you’re younger). People who have been dying are older people who haven’t been able to be vaccinated, refused or only had 1 dose (you need 2 doses, not 1 for this variant). This has been the case for a month now. So far, 96% of people over 50 have agreed to be vaccinated. Also, 70% of 40-50 year olds and 55% of 30-40 year olds. Numbers are lower for 30-50 as vaccination only opened up to them more recently. The fact 55% of 30-40 year olds have already volunteered for vaccination and they’ve only been able to book for 2 weeks makes me quite emotional. They’re not really at risk of dying and yet they’re still coming forward. They’re all superstars! I watched my Dad die of covid in January. It was grim. He was 78 but fit and active even a week into catching covid. Then suddenly he was dying and there was nothing we could do. I watched his limbs go black as he was still alive. I don’t want anyone else to ever experience that. Or the PTSD the nurses were suffering. One literally collapsed because she couldn’t cope with what she was seeing. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy and I’m so, so happy the UK has embraced vaccination. Our government has been shit but generally the public and NHS haven’t. It’s restored my faith in humanity a little bit.