From tragedy to hesitancy: How public health failures boosted COVID-19 vaccine scepticism

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As COVID-19 vaccination programmes accelerate across the industrialised world, vaccination hesitancy is rapidly emerging as a key challenge. This column explores the relationship between pre-pandemic intensive care unit capacity and attitudes towards the COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. Despite widespread pre-pandemic scepticism about vaccines in general, willingness to become vaccinated against COVID-19 overall was strikingly high, even amongst those who rejected vaccines before the pandemic. The results point to a surprising synergy: where the emergency care systems of public healthcare providers were less strained during the early days of the COVID-19 epidemic, vaccination hesitancy is systematically less today.


This is a very dubious conclusion. I wouldn’t be surprised if the authors just like the idea of increasing health infrastructure, which isn’t a bad thing. However, they don’t seem to control for variables like wealth, income, demographics, age, education, already having COVID making you feel less need to get the vaccine, etc. This is very shallow research that takes correlation as causation and decide to deduce a solution based on that.


Speaking from personal experience, the vaccine did a number on me, and I’m in an age group that is very statistically unlikely to even be hospitalized, let alone die, from covid. If everyone at risk is vaccinated, what exactly is the point of even bothering to achieve herd immunity? To account for the 10 people who want to take the vaccine but can’t for health reasons? Has anyone bothered to do any cost/benefit analysis on that? Wait, has anyone bothered to do cost/benefit analysis on ANYTHING related to covid??


Another study and article that refuses to face the ‘elephant in the room,’ namely: the recovered. We know two facts: – COVID-19 is highly contagious, resulting in a lot of people becoming infected with it. – The majority of the COVID-19 infected recovered. Since all available vaccines have the design of eliciting the body’s immune response to create antibodies, and this is a widely known fact thanks to public education, there is no compelling reason for the recovered to get a vaccine. Our bodies did what the vaccines try to do. So there’s no vaccine campaign, no correlation between public health / ICU bed availability that would persuade the recovered to get a vaccine. The studies I keep encountering frame the discussion between the infected and the vaccinated, whereas there’s this massive demographic of The Recovered that goes ignored. It is big reason for people not getting a shot.


Sad part is the extreme number of people who politicize and refuse to wear masks and also won’t get the vaccines. It’s gonna hit them hard.