I got spam bombed today… but still managed to detect a fraudulent order and get it cancelled prior to shipping

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This happened to me when someone social engineered their way through chase customer service to withdraw all of my rewards. Point being it may not have been anything that you can do if they simply called customer service to order the bag.


This happened to me yesterday, got 1000+ emails and hidden were two Walmart pickup order confirmations. Was able to call that Walmart and cancel the order before the scammer picked it up. I did all the same things as you, locking the card, requesting a new one, etc. and I also filed a police report in case any of this comes back on my credit report in the future. The guy put his name on the Walmart order so I figured better safe than sorry and filed a report.


UGH. This happened to me too a few months ago. I think I received ~1,500+ emails as well. It was horrible and annoying. They ended up withdrawing $5K from my Yotta savings account. Luckily, I was able to catch it in time and was able to reverse the transaction.


This is why I get text alerts on ALL my cards for any transaction over$0.01. I can shut things down very quickly. I see texts much faster that emails.


I had this happen while in class one day. I had like 6k emails in total, and they tried to buy an iphone somehow through my at&t account. i tried to report it to the police since the phone had an address where to send (it was like 3 hours away), but they said, we can’t do anything about it since you stopped it before it was a problem… oh, thanks :/