If religion was for everyone to rejoice and love with each other, then spreading hate towards homosexual people, transexual people and non-maried couples would be more of a sin than being one of these.

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“God can’t make mistakes” proceeds to make angels that rebel, makes humans that disobey makes talking snakes that disobeh, and then creates death and suffering to all living creatures because 2 people ate a fruit.


I think you are correct in saying that religion was a code of sorts made by man to control women and lesser men. When everyone is already highly superstitious (and with inferior knowledge compared to today) reshaping beliefs to a God of the new code would be very easy. The rest of your logic is a good personal reason for you to not comply with modern day religion but is insufficient to move the massive amount of people away from religion that would bring about real change in global culture. Modern religious people have been trained to ignore logical interpretations that do not comport with their ideal vision of God and the rewards of servitude. As such, they reject arguments that God would not make mistakes thereby legitimizing homosexuality as the will of God. In their version of events it is that God allows people to do whatever they want and will do nothing to stop them in favor of punishing them afterwards. This notion of a vengeful and wicked God fits within the original narrative which was ment not to teach love, compassion, and respect to ancient people but rather to scare them into acting one way (that the ruling class desired) instead of any other.


I see religion as psychological and I’ve got zero sense that it’s supposed to be anything. But I’m not surprised that having a delusion where your imaginary friend is king of the universe tends towards making people jerks.


I don’t think any religion claimes to be that. For some they may cherry pick scripture to form a theology that’s allows them to say that. E.g Progressive Christianity. The abrahamic religions primarily seek obedience. Edit: Clarity.


Everytime we say that, they always fire back with “But we don’t hate them, we hate their sin.” They always want a chance to deviate. And claim they don’t hate sexual minorities. But the thing is, the thing they hate about them is one of (if not *the most*) crucial thing about their identity. So the distinction they try to make is less than meaningless.