If you get a letter that you are owed money

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Same thing for when its time to register your car. “E-Tags” will text you saying its time to update and they will file for you for a fee. Its easy to just go to your dmv website and do it your self and save your self the fee.


This exact thing happened to me a few days ago. Got a letter in the mail, I came looking on Reddit to see if it was a scam, figured out how to just go claim it myself on the Texas unclaimed property site. 500 bucks richer, NOT minus the $50 fee they wanted.


Huh. So, I searched in my state’s record, and found something listed under my name, and it’s on one of my former addresses (chances of that being someone else are essentially zero). It says the amount is over $100, and the party is “Medical Services Provider” (since they don’t give the real name until they’re sure you’re actually the claimant, I assume). Do these things ever get used for like… Shady purposes? Like people dropping a little cash as bait to get you to reveal your new location, for instance? I have absolutely no god damn clue why a medical services provider would have owed ME over $100 that I never claimed. :\ Update: I called my state’s unclaimed property line, and the very helpful rep assured me that once it’s on the state’s unclaimed property list, it is no longer accessible in any way by the originating party. They have effectively washed their hands of it, so there would be no way for someone to acquire information about you from their service. Good to know, guess it’s time to collect some money, lol! Update #2: Apparently these departments aren’t, uh… Super good with categories, lol. It turns out it was a paycheck from a University I used to work at. No connection whatsoever to a “Medical Services Provider,” lol.


This is (edit) *mostly* true, but if the money is owed to a **deceased** person (and by extension, you have been identified as a potential heir) it has to be probated – this 10% fee can often be very reasonable and ballpark what an attorney would charge depending on how how tangled the web is, and how many layers there are. Asset Recovery (estates only) is one of the things my company does, and even at 20% – it can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. Things can get very very very nasty with family inheritance, estate debt, intestate laws, estranged family etc. Now if the money belongs to you personally, or if you are a direct beneficiary to a policy by name – then yes it’s quite easy to recover.


I’ve notified a few close friends about money that they or their family have in my State’s system. WA must have one of the easiest system to use, because all of them got their money back without a complaint.