Low levels of omega-3 associated with higher risk of psychosis. The results remained consistent when accounting for other factors such as sex, body mass index, tobacco smoking and socio-economic status.

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Omega 3 supplements made from algae are pretty great! Fish get their omega 3 from algae and other microbes, so you can getting yours from the original source without having to hurt the fish! Healthy and saves the ocean at the same time!


Wonder what the causal mechanism is here. A generally healthier lifestyle could explain both Omega3 and some of other correlates.


Then we can make a conclusion, that countries consuming more fish have lower level of psychotic disorders. Is it true?


isn’t Omega-3 one of the things that gets stripped out by manufacturing processes, preservatives, whatever? asking, not saying


Missing some important information. I understand that a good BMI, no smoking, and good socioeconomic status helps. But exactly how much (or little) sex do I need to be having?