LPT: if you’re traveling in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language, take a business card from your hotel, and a picture of the front of the building. If you get lost and need a taxi back, you can show the picture and business card to the driver and you won’t need to speak.

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I remember being lost and totally wasted in Taiwan. Handed a driver the hotel business card, he laughed for a few min and then proceeded to drive me 50m up the road to my hotel for free. Good times


I did this when my phone died, but my hotel key had the address!


If I’m in a country with another alphabet (like most of Asia) I also ask the front desk to write the name and address in the local language on the back. I had plenty of taxi drivers that couldn’t read the English business cards.


Also: take a photo of that subway-map / trail-map / mall-map / whatever-map as you enter the place. Much easier to refer to it instead of trying to find another map or get off at the wrong stop or what have you. You also end up with a fun little “oooo, remember when we hiked up the grouse grind? here’s the path we took” memory.