LPT: Never use aluminum garden hose connectors.

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This is a phenomenon called “galvanic corrosion” and can happen when any two different metals are put together. Aluminum wheels can get stuck to steel hubs and be fiendishly difficult to remove. One solution is to use anti-seize paste, sold in auto parts stores, but just avoiding the situation is better still.


As a plumber, can confirm. Have changed many a hose faucet because of this. One instance where plastic is better


I just had that problem a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t unscrew the sprayer from the hose. I had to cut it off and replace the hose threading. Which was an easy fix. But I did not know that aluminum and brass were not a good mix. Mystery solved.


As someone who just wacked the fuck out his hand sprinkler on the sidewalk, I can confirm.