LPT When buying a brand new car, go to the dealership the last day of the month when deals are expiring. Many dealerships have sales goals from manufacturers and if they haven’t met thoes goals, they may be more willing to lose money on your deal to reach them.

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Last day of month thing is bullshit. OEM’s count deliveries, not sales. At least in Ontario Canada, its extremely hard to buy and take delivery of a car in the same day. Best time: a few days before month end. That way dealer knows they can deliver before month end and count towards their targets. More willing to help out on price. Source: in automotive for 17 years and in management for last 10 years.


More important is knowing what a good deal even looks like. Do the research necessary to understand what the dealer costs are, what rebates they are getting back from manufacturers, and what real live people are paying. Know how sought-after the vehicle is (ie no negotiation on hot models). Know what your trade is worth to them, and what’s it’s worth to sell privately (different numbers). Know your finance rates, and explore options like using home equity cash instead of retail finance. Know what a reasonable profit is for them (yes, they deserve something). Otherwise you’re just getting the story from the sales person on how you’ve stumbled on immaculate month end timing to get a great deal…when in reality you’re paying the same as anyone else.


Not sure any of this will work right now. Lots near me have essentially zero inventory they are down to one or two sales people because there is nothing on the lot to sell. What is there is going for 10-20% over sticker. The cars they are listing online are in transit on a truck somewhere and selling before they arrive. It is crazy.


Anecdotal evidence: we didn’t get the deal we wanted at a particular dealer mid month so we walked. Near month end, we get a call from the dealer asking if we’re still interested. Gave us the deal we wanted.