Manchin Is Showing He Considers Filibuster More Important Than Voting Rights

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So bribe him. Whatever it is. Give it to him. Pork him into submission. Give every West Virginian a tax credit for a new gun. Put it in the Voting Rights Act. Move the FBI there. Not just one division. The whole thing. Move something else. Create jobs. Bring in well educated people who will likely vote blue. Get him on board.


I wonder what the Manchin defenders will say when Republicans take the majority again and abolish democracy permanently.


Manchin thinks Manchin is more important than voting rights. Fuck this guy. He needs to go. He will be the cause of the fall of democracy.


Oh you mean the 1/6 commission being filibustered didn’t convince him to get rid of it? Shocked s/


why not force them to speak their filibuster? it was put there to give voice to the minority… but they refuse to utter even one word? well, then give it a new name. call it “crybaby pooped its little baby diaper.” and make it public who is the crybaby.