Memphis exhumes body of Klan leader Nathan Bedford Forrest from city park

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Oh boy, this is going to piss off the guy who lives up my street who flies the confederate flag in honor of Forrest’s birthday.


>Historians say Forrest later became an early leader of the Ku Klux Klan. Many call him a violent racist. “Many.” Just not the “historians” who happen to be members of the KKK, or the Sons of Confederate Veterans, or Dipshits for Dixie, or any of their treasonous affiliates.


It’s kind of unfortunate that Forrest’s postwar change of heart -after helping get the Klan started by lending his name to the nascent organization, he later disavowed it and tried to disband the organization- almost never gets discussed. Towards the end of his life, he was denounced as the greatest traitor since Judas by many former Confederates for his change of heart. After he died, it wasn’t long before the Daughters of the Confederacy and other organizations worked to create a fictional version of Forrest that ignored both the atrocities committed under his command and the change of heart postwar. The BLM crowd wants a racist to topple, the Neo-Confederates want a hero to worship; neither side is particularly interested in acknowledging the historical Forrest. Real people have complexities and they can change over time, the real Nathan Bedford Forrest doesn’t fit into political narratives over a century after his death. Maybe I’m the only one, but I’d like to see a monument that acknowledges the change of heart he had. Instead, they’re sending Forrest’s body to a Confederate museum where he will no doubt be further misrepresented as a Confederate Lancelot.


If I’m not mistaken, during the Civil War, his men surrounded, captured and executed about 200 colored Union troops.


For what, GOP wants him to run for president?