Miami police offer $130,000 for shooters who left 2 dead, 21 injured

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The author of that article tried very hard not to say what the event was. Instead of saying it was a “———— Concert” they explained that it was a banquet hall that was rented for a concert. Hell, they gave as few details as possible besides how much the reward was.


Headline makes it sound like the police want to hire them.


BOLO for three human subjects associated with a tundra white German SUV. Four black rubber tires on silver or grey wheels. Windows heavily tinted and dark car interior.


The police actually only offered $30k and a private citizen offered $100k for information.


This was a gang shooting. It would be pretty obvious to pleanty of people which gang. And it would then be pretty obvious to anyone knowledgeable what relatively small handful of guys are up for this sort of wet work. But they seem to have done an adequate job at the basics of covering their identities, and there is going to be a decently tight circle of omertà, where anyone ratting has a high probability of being found and killed in an unpleasant way.