My friend couldn’t go to her grandmother’s funeral because she was on her period.

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It’s crazy to me that people can believe this shit AND ALSO expect everyone to take them seriously. Pick a lane.


Its misogynistic bullshit created by a patriarchal society to keep women as second class citizens (even when it comes to ‘spirituality’) and any thinking human being should reject it as the evil bullshit it is.


Am ex muslim. Islam literally tells you to not even question a man who beats his wife in front of u. One of the closest companions to muhammad, Umar the 2nd caliph literally told mo to cover his girls up and to not question him when he beats his wife. 7th century desert men were not nice people


Indoctrination is a hell of a drug and can short-circuit rational thought in otherwise rational people. Islamic superstitions are just that, superstition. Any kind of religious bullshit, theistic or not, that treats ordinary human stuff as “bad” is automatically invalid as far as I am concerned.


Ex Jew here, in Judaism women’s husbands aren’t allowed to touch them while they’re on their periods. And married women need to go into a Mikva (ritual bath) to “cleanse” themselves from their periods. Similar shit different toilet I guess.