Nikki Fried, only statewide elected Democrat in Florida, launches challenge to DeSantis

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She’s the *only* statewide elected Democrat in Florida?? Hell of a “swing state” ya got there.


She’ll have a hard battle once she’s labeled as a socialist and Fox funds advertisements in spanish-speaking news and radio that would result in fines and penalties if they put them in english, and the florida democrat party is about as coordinated and functional as a bunch of penguins in a desert and they’ll scuttle her campaign the first opportunity they get to try and get Charlie Crist elected. But who knows, if she drives hard the fact that DeSantis has been caught red handed lying about COVID deaths by a whistleblower, this might work.


I hope Nikki Fried wins. DeSantis is a POS. His whole platform is steered by hate and intolerance.


That’s going to be a tough race to win, but DeSantis is a massive piece of shit, so I wish her luck.


Go get him Nikki!