Pesticides Are Killing the World’s Soils – They cause significant harm to earthworms, beetles, ground-nesting bees and thousands of other vital subterranean species

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A suggestion: before commenting on this, go try to farm without using pesticides or tilling for a few years (tilling is just as destructive to soil health as the use of pesticides, if not more so). Then come back and tell me farmers are just trying to make as much money as possible and they need to stop using the most effective tools in their toolbox. I’m a trained soil hydrologist and I operate a no-till, no-spray farm. I’m managing to preserve our soil and I think I’ll be healthier for it, but I absolutely cannot imagine trying to do what I do at a scale of more than an acre or two. Most people have no clue how difficult it is to fend off weeds and pests. Even a quarter-acre of fertile soil will keep a single person busy for most of the day without the ability to till or spray. While that’s enough land to feed someone, it is just barely so.


Tilling also kills soil biology. Often on large scale monocrop agriculture pesticides are a substitute for tillage. Not saying it’s right or wrong, but it needs to be considered.


I haven’t had a chance to do more than skim the study yet, but looking at the author list, all but one is from advocacy groups rather than from a university. Those groups tend to be prone to embellishment, even for us university scientists who work on the ecology of growing crops and dealing with pests, non-target effects, etc. The lone university affiliation looks to just be a lab tech too, so that already raises some red flags for me that I’d want to keep an eye out as I read the paper.


Roundup works by interfering with the shikimic acid pathway which doesn’t exist in animals. But it does exist in bacteria and fungus. Bad for the soil and your guts.


Pesticides is going to be one of those things in a hundred years when we’re like “I can’t believe how dumb we were in the past”. Like people drinking mercury for health. Or blood letting