Research which included more than 70,000 children in six European cohorts, found that children exposed to paracetamol before birth were 19% more likely to develop ASC symptoms and 21% more likely to develop ADHD symptoms than those who were not exposed.

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For us American wankers that means Tylenol.


Lots of previous research suggests that maternal fevers during the first and second trimester are strongly associated with autism. So it’s not super surprising that women who have taken fever reducing medication while pregnant would be more likely to have autistic kids. What’s not at all clear, is where the causal link would be. Is it the Tylenol itself? Or is it the fever? Something else to do with the immune system activating? My guess is that it’s probably not the Tylenol causing the effect seen here but rather it is just an association. But it’s only a guess.


It’s good that studies linking ASC and ADHD to APAP (Tylenol) exposure are getting traction. I’m leading a study looking at neurochemical factors that meditate the effects that research such as the current article are examining. Big implications for pain management during pregnancy/perinatal development.


Gave a quick look, my main potential concern is that actual quantities of paracetamol were not assessed. They just ask if the woman has taken paracetamol during pregnancy. In fact, for one of the studies analyzed, the woman is asked to report on her entire pregnancy at the time of birth. I can see many ways this could obscure things (ie – is occasional use OK but daily use associated with ASD/ADHD?)


19% relative risk increase. 0.4% absolute risk increase. Baseline risk about 2.1%. Don’t get your knickers in a twisty.