Reward Grows to $400,000 in Freeway Shooting Death of 6-Year-Old Aiden Leos

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Horror. Hope someone will turn them in.


I think as the reward money piles up, more tips will be coming in. At almost 1/2 million, people are going to start noticing small things. Like how your next door neighbor who drives a car that looks a lot like the one being questioned has acted funny for the past two weeks. Or maybe it’s a employee who also drives the same type of car who requests an emergency leave of absence for a month or two, and then when he returns is driving something different. Those type of tips are going to crack this case.


Hopefully someone will report, but after a few days, I tend to doubt it (not that it’s impossible). There’s so many similar drive-by or regular shootings around here that never get solved, I’m pretty certain it’s something like 40% of murders simply go unsolved. Even IF someone were to make a report/eyewitness statement, it depends on what they report. A license plate, even a partial is an amazing head start. A color/car model (possibly year) is decent too, not perfect. That being said, especially after a couple days, I’d guess the most someone will remember is “dark colored 4-door sedan” or something pretty ambiguous. While I hope this crime gets solved and those responsible are prosecuted, as more time passes that chance gets slimmer and slimmer. Not impossible, similar cases have been solved after a minute, but eyewitnesses forget things, security camera video gets overwritten, and cases simply aren’t solvable without someone admitting they did it. Here’s to hoping.


When it grows to 1 million cash the guy will get snitched on. Hes probably hiding right now in a locked room.


Didn’t they release a picture of the vehicle? I thought there would be more info / an arrest by now. Someone’s got to recognize that vehicle and know a hot-headed gun owner connected to it. That alone should be enough info for a tip, right?