Rich politicians use religion to hate on LGBT people so others will do the same and they can keep us divided

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The fact that its so easy for religious people to hate on a group of people who have done no actual harm to them just because a politician cited their religious scripture is once again a matter of “religious people being bigoted.”


It’s not even that Machiavellian really. LGBT people are a small but visible minority that are convenient scapegoats for regressive politicians to blame things on. The Other is always useful to the despot. The actual corporate chicanery is just starting. It’s Pride month so many virtue-signalling corporations are about to become gayer than a ballroom full of Liberace impersonators. July 1st, not so much.


Rich people and their lapdog politicians. Especially the republicans in the USA.


I can neither agree nor disagree, because I cannot prove anything. I will keep the possibility in mind.