Sacklers deny responsibility for opioid crisis and claim lawyers ‘invented false narrative’ : A branch of the family launches website and claims they are victims of smear campaign by lawyers seeking to make profit

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I watched “The Crime of the Century” on HBO Max and came away feeling like they had to know what was going on. Feels like there’s nothing can be done but hope that enough people eventually understand their part in the crisis, after seeing that show I feel like they practically helped create it.


“lawyers seeking to make a profit”? The hell, you say.


Just finished reading a really great book about the Sacklers called “Empire of Pain”. That whole family belongs in a wood chipper.


The Sacklers deserve nothing less than to lose all their money and spend the rest of their lives in jail. Won’t happen, but they are evil incarnate for what they have done to families and whole communities. All for a wealthy lifestyle and public esteem.


> It says the Sackler family regrets that the drug “unexpectedly became part of the opioid crisis” but that those members who ran Purdue “acted lawfully and ethically”. It wasnt part of the crisis, it was the crisis. OxyContin, product of Purdue Pharma, is responsible for the opioid crisis. Dont get it twisted.