Study: Sick bats also employ ‘social distancing’ which prevents the outbreak of epidemics. Researchers demonstrate that sick bats, just like ill humans, prefer to stay away from their communities, probably as a means for recovery, and possibly also as a measure for protecting others.

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There’s a credible theory that this is actually what depression is: activation of the immune system which creates inflammation in the brain and results in a depressive state. The evolutionary purpose of this is to prevent the spread of infection to other members of the community. And chronic depression as seen in developed countries is actually the result of a chronic inflammatory response due to mismatch between our biology and environmental factors (diet, antibiotics, etc.)


So bats have higher I.Q than some Americans?


congrats covidiots… rodents with wings are smarter then you are.


Interesting research. I find the idea of animals other than humans developing strategies which deal with disease socially to be fascinating. Do other mammals also exhibit this kind of behavior? I will need to look into this myself later on.


I guess they dont have Republicsn bats who just go around coughing on the other bats to prove it’s all just a democrat hoax.