Texas Democrats stand up for democracy and send a loud message to Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema | Centrist Democrats should turn to Texas Democrats to see what trying to save the country really looks like

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> But while Manchin likes to talk a big game, he still refuses to do the one thing that would actually save the country: Get rid of the filibuster. He and Sinema, whose votes are necessary to change Senate rules, keep mindlessly insisting that the current situation is somehow good for bipartisanship and compromise. In reality, Republicans routinely use the filibuster to single-handedly block not just bills, but even holding Senate debates about bills. No “fight” is required in order to save the country. All that Manchin and Sinema need to do is agree to vote to end the filibuster, and voila! Legislation to save the country can start to flow through Congress. It’s as easy as having lunch and taking a nap, but Manchin and Sinema won’t do it. > > Meanwhile, in Texas, Democrats showed what actually fighting to save democracy looks like.


It’s a choice between doing something or doing nothing. End the filibuster, bipartisanship died a long time ago, do you think republicans were sad that they passed their tax cut without democratic support?


They aren’t centrists. They advocate for republican policies. They repeat republican messaging. They vote with republicans. They are republicans.


Manchin and Sinema will not budge. They have made it clear that they are willing to doom our democracy for their own personal gain. We cannot rely on congressional Democrats to protect our democracy. That is incredibly scary, because we are currently on course for Republican minority rule. Republican efforts to rig elections across the country in their favor are a second coup attempt, one which is currently on track for success. When their plot succeeds, it will be impossible for Democrats to ever win federal majorities again despite representing far more of the population. We will be living under Fascist minority rule with no electoral path out of this situation. Now is the time to start preparing for how we will respond to this, because Democrats in congress won’t. Only mass action by the American people will be able to restore democracy once undemocratic Republican rule has begun.


manchin is right wing. we need to stop validating these hardcore conservatives with words like “moderate” and “centrist”. they’re not either.