The budget seeks $750 million to respond to SolarWinds compromises, plus billions more for cyber security

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> recent events, such as the SolarWinds cyber incident, have shown that adversaries continue to target Federal systems Here we see one of the biggest surveillance states in the world almost acting surprised that their systems get hacked…


That’s an expensive belt to keep from getting caught with your pants down…again.


Long overdue. This and ai are significant threats to any sovereign state. Spending money on a shared concern like this is going to have a lot of money from the damage done. It is similar to infrastructure in its shared need.


Ah yes, because throwing more money at them will certainly incentivize them to take security seriously NOW, as opposed to the last 50 years or so of people demonstrating exactly why we should have been all along. One could be forgiven for mistakenly thinking these things were *purposeful*.


Invest in open source and secure shared code, dont prop up microsofts terrible code base. Microsoft has terrible security, most organizations are still susceptible to basic downgrade attacks, since non-repudiation is not enforced on even their “security baseline”.