The dramatic fight in Texas over voting obscures the point that almost no demonstrated fraud exists

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Yeah, but they argue that voter perception is the reason they need these laws, ignoring the fact that voter perception is this way because of the lies they’ve been telling.


Oh, we’re pretending every Republican argument isn’t based on lies or just this one? ​ Just think, if assholes like you guys hadn’t spent 50 years normalizing every lie these assholes told for another tax cut and we wouldn’t have any of the problems we do.


Its all just Republicans trying to rig future elections in their favor. We need to be more blunt about this. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, and refusing to certify election results are all election cheating. We should not see those who “win” their elections through such anti-democratic tactics as legitimate. They belong in a jail cell, not in office.


Every action by Republicans keeps telling us that they are racist authoritarians. There is nothing hidden or obscure about it. They are doing it in plain sight. Trump proved to them that they don’t have to use euphemisms or hide what they are doing. They can win power while proudly displaying their White Fascism.


I listened to a news interview of a TX republican. The report kept asking if there was any fraud and he kept saying “alleged” fraud. Over and over again. Hundreds of cases of alleged fraud in TX. As if alleged = truth. Alleged means nothing. Do you have power or allegedly have power? Not the same thing.