The Somerton man died alone on a beach in 1948. Now Australian scientists are close to solving the mystery

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This amateur sleuth wins the ‘how did you meet your wife’ conversation every time — “Those people include Abbott’s wife, Rachel Egan, who he met after sending her a letter to explain why he thought she may be the Somerton man’s granddaughter. After a single dinner dominated by talk of death and DNA, the pair decided to marry. They now have three children”


This is one of the Holy grails of mysteries. All these years, all these theories. Whoever he turns out to be, he deserves his name back.


Maybe? Maybe not. Depends if they can recover good DNA and if anyone matches with it.


Agatha Christie moment


Very interesting story thanks OP, I’d never heard of it before. I didn’t find it the easiest article to follow though, but maybe that’s just down to my poor comprehension skills.