The US Labor Shortage: A Broken System

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I’m so tired of hearing “labor shortage.” That’s like me saying there’s a Ferrari shortage because I don’t have one in my garage. It’s not a labor shortage, it’s a failure of wages to keep up with price signals in the labor market. Any long term labor “shortage” in a market economy represents a fundamental failure of the labor market.


A pretty useless article overall. Author attempts to acknowledge the complex issue, but heavily implies people are just reliant on ‘government handouts,’ a term loaded with connotation. Also makes claims like “most small businesses can’t raise wages” with no factual evidence. Provides nothing new to the dialogue. Reads like a high-school freshmans report.


I think the problem will eventually sort itself out. The market will take care or it. Employers will have two choices: they can continue with the delusional thinking that $15 an hour is a lot of money, or they can pay whatever it takes to attract employees. And if they need to train people, then they’ll have to do that as well. The days of expecting to find “highly skilled” employees with five years of experience willing to work for peanuts are over.


The US needs to fix its health care system so that employers are no longer involved. That way, they have less of a burden in taking on employees and can raise wages accordingly.


Someone needs to teach capitalism to capitalists. Next they’ll be crying for government subsidies, on top of the ones they already get