‘This was not a riot, this was a massacre’: Biden commemorates 100th anniversary of the racist Tulsa attack that killed hundreds of Black people

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It’s crazy how I had to learn about this from Watchmen


> Biden acknowledged that the story of the massacre has “told in silence” and “cloaked in darkness,” for decades adding, “But just because history is silent doesn’t mean that it did not take place And while darkness can hide much, it erases nothing.” > “To all those lost so many years ago, to all the descendants of those who suffered, to the community, that’s why we’re here, to make sure America knows the story in full,” Biden said. > Biden also unveiled new White House initiatives to tackle the racial wealth gap in the US during his speech on Tuesday, which include measures to support Black-owned businesses and combat systemic housing discrimination and redlining. As someone who grew up in Texas, I never heard about this horrific tragedy. Here’s hoping that is not the case moving forward, and the steps taken now, can help improve the lives of those in the African-American community for many generations to come! 🙌🏽


the Tulsa Public School system did not mention this ONCE in the 8 years i was there (even during a 5th grade class called “Oklahoma State History”)


And yet today I saw a newspaper from 100 years ago today – The headline was “Two whites killed in race riot” This particular big lie started early. This why General Eisenhower was so insistent in documenting the horrors the troops found in Europe. He understood humans will forget and even intentionally obscure atrocities.


I’m Canadian, and black. I never knew about this until I watched The Watchmen on HBO, and it horrified me. My family would always say stuff like ‘good thing we don’t live in the states’ after every news story about black people getting killed, almost every day. I always thought it was suicidal to live south of the border. Like Canada was something special. But, we are the same. We have our own hidden racist horrors in our land, that are whitewashed, forgotten, and buried. A mass grave of 215 native children at a ‘Residential School’. A school system with a purpose to destroy native cultural identity and beliefs. We treat our native population just the same as the blacks south of the border. I never knew about any of this, or the problems native people face in my country. Makes me sad for humanity, and wondering what else we haven’t learned or been told by the powers that be. We all need to do better.