TIL For millennia, Europeans did not know where birds went in Winter time. The mystery was partly solved in 1822, when a German hunter shot down a stork. The stork had a 80cm long Central African spear impaled in its neck. This provided the first evidence that they migrated to Africa.

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That has to be the unluckiest stork in history


Finnish mythology theorized that birds flew to a place down south called bird home (lintukoto), following the milkyway galaxy, called bird trail or linnunrata in Finnish. There they did battle with pygmies. Yeah, dunno. Apparently in lintukoto the sky was so low you could touch it from the ground.


This seems false. I remember watching a documentary about the Holy Grail, which showed that even in medieval times some people (not even the most learned scholars, but even just ordinary soldiers and knights) were aware of where swallows went when they migrated.


What about coconuts?


Feel like if they could identify a spear as Central African, then they knew a lot more about Central Africa than they are given credit for, and this would include bird stuff.