TIL in 1995 civil engineers warned the Sampoong Department Store in Seoul, S. Korea that structural failure was inevitable and it needed to be evacuated. They didn’t close because it was so busy and it collapsed that day with 500+ people inside. One director left without warning his daughter in law.

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to clarify shitty title, 502 fatalities and 937 injured


>The cracks in the columns worsened because the columns supporting the fifth floor were not aligned with the ones supporting lower floors, causing the load of the fifth floor to be transferred through the slab. WTF. That’s… absurd?


The greed and intentional disregard for safety is astounding. Fired multiple contractors because they refused to follow the unsafe plans. Multiple cracks, bangs and vibrations on the day of the collapse and they didn’t want to close down because of missed revenue. Had they closed down even an hour earlier, they likely would’ve avoided jail time and loss of all their wealth. But instead they tried to keep it open as long as possible.


This is a poorly written article. 45ton AC units doesnt refer to their weight, it refers to their cooling capacity. ​ Edit: After a little research, the units probably were in the 4500lbs to 5200lbs range ​ Edit 2: After considering the size of the building, 45 tons of AC is probably much too low to satisfy the cooling load of the building, especially in Korea where the cooling load is higher than where I am located.


Seems like “one director” pulled off the perfect murder.