TIL Stieg Larsson, author of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ part of the Millennium trilogy, died in 2004 due to a heart attack. The Milennium trilogy was published posthumously & has sold over 80 million copies today.

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I read all the Stieg Larsson books, which were awesome, bought the last one which someone else finished, and never finished it. The others I went thru in days.


Even stranger the original title of the book in Swedish is “Men Who Hate Women.”


There is also a parody of the first book called the dragon with the girl tattoo, which has mostly the same plot but with dragons instead. Including the rape scene.


One of my favorite characters. Salander is one of the most compelling and different female character I’ve known. I also refused to pick up the continuing books in the series written not by him.


If I remember correctly he wanted then to become like a 10 book series and was pretty well into the 4th when he passed. It is a shame cause they are amazing books and I know they are being continued by his friend but it isn’t the same.