TIL that Cormac McCarthy has typed every one of his novels on a mechanical typewriter (about 5 million words) and that at auction it was expected to sell for $15,000, it went for $254,000.

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Pretty pricey for a typewriter with no working punctuation keys.


After using that typewriter for a few minutes you start realizing that every silver lining has a dark cloud.


Wow. Good for him. He made almost nothing on his writing for YEARS. He lived in a stone cabin with no electricity or plumbing while wives left him for lives that didn’t include abject poverty with a moody writer. Hope he’s writing something now. Seriously a dark genius.


Oh! So it wasn’t that he didn’t like punctuation. He just didn’t have backspace, and just went with it.


I hope he’s working on a sequel or prequel to No Country for Old Men. Best book Ive read in the last 10years.