TIL the song “Born To Be Wild” was originally written as a ballad by a songwriter going by the stage name Mars Bonfire. He offered the song to numerous bands, but none accepted. Eventually, his brother – the drummer for Steppenwolf – accepted it and they released it as a sped-up rearranged version.

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My first band used to play a cover of this. We were fifteen or sixteen, and full of youthful rebellion. The song seemed to speak to us. Anyway, I work in corporate software now, and the singer is a moderately successful accountant.


Was also the song that coined the term “heavy metal” in reference to music. “Heavy metal thunder” was the lyric.


Strange ballad. No story to it at all…


I seriously wonder how true the title is. The Wikipedia article links to an uncited review on AllMusic by Hal Horowitz. AllMusic and Wikipedia are reputable enough sources, but not without citation. Can anyone reasonably envision a song that starts “get your motor runnin”as a ballad?


Is this where Tom Hanks got the idea for the Oneders song trope in That Thing You Do?