TIL there is such a thing as beat deafness, where someone finds it hard or impossible to clap on correct time to a piece of music or dance to it timed well to the music.

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Elaine Benes was a famous sufferer of this condition.


That’s me. Always wanted to play an instrument, spent years learning guitar, but it’s just too hard for me. Even if I am able to find the beat, I will probably lose it over the course of a song, especially when there are small changes between the verses or when percussion goes silent or does some creative solos. Nothing has ever really helped and I will definitely never be a musician, no matter how hard I try.


Reminds me of Steve Martin’s “The Jerk”


It’s the entire audience of any music talent show. PLEASE STOP CLAPPING


I wonder if there’s any correlation. Some folk have an inner stereo, when they get a song stuck in her head they hear the music like its a recording being played back. Where on the other hand my inner music is just me singing half remembered songs out of time and tune to myself. Also some folk can make mental images, if I ask them to picture an apple in their mind they see a damn apple. Where I have zero inner image making ability, no mental image recall of faces, things, etc instead I get a mental smattering from my inner voice that conceptualizes the image so picturing an apple is more like ‘fruit, red skin, pale flesh, crisp, stem, seeds, arsenic, core, tree, johnny apple seed, cider, phones…’ but all at once like a swarm. Needless to say as well but I’m tone deaf, tuneless, and beyong clapping ‘we will rock you’ I’m lost on rythm.