Trump is telling people he thinks he’ll be ‘reinstated’ as president in August, according to report

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Expect arbitrary timeline announcements like this for the next few years at a minimum. It helps with fundraising and offers just enough emotional validation for the Q nutjobs that he’ll never risk letting them realize it’s never going to happen. Once August comes and goes, it’ll shift to January or something. And then May. Then it’ll be, “vote Republican so we can regain control of Congress to impeach Biden and replace him with Trump.” Then we’ll see what real autocratic demagoguery looks like first-hand. It hasn’t even gotten as spicy as it will yet.


Dog whistle. Check for trump supporter protests in august at or around state capitols or federal buildings.


He is trying to get ahead of the indictments so he can say they’re putting him in prison to prevent his next run. He wants violence, he wants to avoid jail at all costs and more American lives will be lost because of this traitor.


“And then all of my political enemies will be arrested, all of my debts will be forgiven, and my dad will come back to life and finally give me a hug!” -Trump


Reinstated? By who? I mean, this is utterly deranged and nonsensical, of course, but I’m curious how he thinks the world works. Ideally, he could explain it to us from his prison cell.