Trump’s Republicans Want a Coup | Michael Flynn’s embrace of a Myanmar-style military overthrow is chilling. It’s also a growing position within the GOP.

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I personally think they’ve gone stark raving mad. To talk so flippantly about ending the Republic and trampling the Constitution? For a fucking moron like Donald J Trump?


I read that Oath Keepers hoped or assumed there would be conflict at the Capitol, forcing Trump to declare martial law. These qucumbers have convinced themselves that a Civil War is imminent. They must be totally frustrated that the rest of us have zero interest in their cosplay.


Social media needs to take a stronger stance against this. Across the board, people calling for a coup need to be deplatformed, otherwise January 6 will look like child’s play. I think that advocating for a coup should fall under various subreddits civility rules.


Nip that shit in the bud now.


> Democrats have welcomed Trump’s relative retreat from the spotlight, allowing them to push Covid relief, infrastructure spending, and other policy goals without having to compete with him for the media’s—and thus the public’s—attention. But Trump’s claims about the 2020 election have gotten more bombastic and unhinged than they were before the Capitol insurrection, and the right’s violent rhetoric likewise has flourished. Flynn’s opinion that the United States should have a coup like “what happened in Myanmar” has shocked a lot of political observers these past few days, but that says more about these observers than it does Flynn. He’s merely a reflection of a fast-growing orthodoxy in the GOP—and January 6 was just a trial run.