What Chuck Schumer can learn from Harry Reid – “I think the biggest lesson is never trust Republicans,” says one of Reid’s former staffers.

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if you have to tell a Democrat in 2021 to not trust Republicans, like it is some kind of new info that has just come to light, we are totally fucked. Republicans have been this way for 30 years.


Now you have to worry if you turn your back on them, they’ll kill you.


None of this matters if the Dems do not actively start countering red states legislation of voter suppression.


This has been going on since the early 1990s at the very least. The Democrats are always Charlie Brown and the Republicans are always Lucy with the football.


Do the vast majority of Dems trust the GOP? I think not at this point. While I think their offers to work together are real, I think they have little expectation of getting any cooperation. Instead, they are working through the process of trying to work together so that there will be support for them to go it alone.