What is the worst thing you did as a kid, and still feel guilty about?

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Stole a quartz rock from my grandmother. I had one very similar and was convinced it was mine and that I had left it there. She told me it wasn’t mine, gave me a hug and a kiss. And, as a six year old, I just fixated that it was mine. And I’m 99% sure it wasn’t. Nothing is ever 100% but yeah. My grandmother, who did nothing but love me and shower me with love, affection, and attention, did not deserve to get her knickknack stolen by me. By the time I was a teenager, it totally ate me up. I never confessed and I wished I had. After she died, I had a dream where she came back to see me and the first thing I did was cry and apologize.


I once threw a rock at a pigeon. I didn’t mean to hit him – I just wanted to see him fly off. He was pretty. I hit the pigeon. I still feel bad about that.


My friend and I discovered that a lighter and spray paint creates a flame thrower. Anyway, I accidentally burned the side of my friend’s face. He’s recovered just fine but I’ll never forget how loud my dad yelled at me when his mom came knocking on the door


I bought a car at 15 and when my parents were out, I’d drive to a gas station nearby, get an energy drink, and drive back. I probably went on 20 or so joyrides over that year. They never found out and I never got pulled over, but I still wonder what would’ve happened had I been caught. Edit: Seems like there’s some confusion from folks who may not be located in the US. At 15 in most states, you can get a learner’s permit, which allows you to drive with an adult. You have the permit for a year, learn to drive with that, and then you get your driver’s license at 16. So at this point, I had already been driving on roads for a few months with my dad. He had also taught me to drive a stick shift at an earlier age, so I knew what I was doing. As for the car itself, I bought it off of Craigslist, basically an online yard sale. I paid for it with cash that I got from my bar mitzvah when I was 13. It was an ’84 Nissan 200SX, and this was in 2009 or so, so it was not an expensive car at all.


I shot a bird when I was 5. My mom forced me to watch it die. That had a lasting impression and I became a huge animal lover.