What phrase or fad has officially overstayed its welcome?

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Kids drinking loads of energy drinks. My dad is a pediatrician and he sees more and more cases with kids/young teens having caffeine related health issues. Caffeine addictions are real and serious. Why did the overconsumption of monster ever become a trend?


That stupid fucking, “Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no…” song sung in a chipmunk voice that is on half of the tiktok videos nowadays.


I feel like this entire practice of recording people while they’re mad or having a bad day and then uploading it all over social media to humiliate them is pretty horrible. I can understand if someone is threatening you and you need evidence or something, but in general this trend is quite cruel and could destroy someone’s life.


People misusing “gaslighting” and “narcissist” to describe people they dislike or who disagree with them.


No one: Zoomers adding “no one” to the start of their memes: “No one”