What thing about you is absolutely not a secret, but you’ve just never told anyone because nobody’s ever asked?

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When I was struggling and had next to nothing in my bank accounts I had a complete stranger gift me $5,000 and while not a life altering amount for some, it completely changed my life. Now that I’m in a much better spot, I try to pay it forward. Each year I find someone who needs some serious cash to change the course of their life and anonymously gift them with the same second chance I got all those years ago.


When I was a kid, my parents told me never to let anyone touch my penis unless it was at the doctors. Looking back as an adult, I know they were trying to make sure I didn’t let anyone abuse me. But as a kid, it just made me paranoid that the doctor was going to want to touch my penis every time I went in for a check-up.


I’m 23 and have never been on a date It’s not something I actively try to hide, I’m just not going to be the first person to bring it up in conversation irl


I’m writing a book which in turn is part of a series of stories that I also write songs about.


I don’t understand gender identity and wonder a lot whether other people “feel like” a man or woman. I don’t mind being a woman but…am I supposed to “feel like” one? Or are we all just kind of going along with some arbitrary bullshit? I literally have no idea. However this has never come up in conversation.