What’s the cruelest “prank” you’ve ever seen?

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Friend of mine had a crush on his coworker, it was sort of an open secret. His manager tried to help him, offered advice, some things to say, small gifts she might be into, etc. What no one knew at the time was that said manager and said coworker had recently started dating and hadn’t told anyone yet. So he meant it as a “prank” on his new girlfriend to be put into these awkward situations, but my friend’s feelings were really hurt when it all came out.


A group of girls at my highschool told a girl that they were hanging out at one of their houses at nine near a train station, but they really just made up a time and place that would make her stranded at the last train stop with no more trains home.


In middle school a girl came up to us on the playground and told this dude to ‘go see the principal, he’s looking for you – he got a call that your mom died.’ Then as soon as the dude ran away she told us all she just made it up. It was fucking horrible.


Saw a guy tip over the port-a-potty with someone in it. That memory is clear. I think it was his gf….


A friend of a friend in high school had her boyfriend pretend that he’d died. He had one of his friends call her saying he had died in a car accident and had someone else calling up pretending to be a doctor from the hospital. She was hysterical. Later that day (after she kept asking the fake doctor which hospital it was so she could be there) she found out it was all prank to “see if she cared.” Horrible. Anyway, they broke up. To this day it’s the nastiest prank I’ve seen in person.